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How does this cover work?

My dealer offered me a policy which provides a similar cover as GAP Insurance yet the cost of their policy was more expensive, why is this?

Motor dealers may often include commissions and overhead costs which are incorporated into the premium charged to you. As we offer our coverage online we are able to reduce our overheads and pass these savings onto you.

I have purchased my vehicle in a private sale or at an Auction, can I still buy GAP?

Yes you can. Please follow instructions on the quote wizard.

I purchased my vehicle more than 3 months ago can I still buy GAP?

Yes you can. Please follow instructions on the quote wizard.

Do I have to buy GAP Insurance from the dealership I bought my car from?

No. GAP is an optional purchase and can be purchased from many distributers.

What is the maximum claim amount payable under GAP Insurance?

This is the maximum amount your GAP policy will pay you in the event of a claim. When you obtain a quotation our website will tell you the maximum claim limit available. On some quotations you may get an option to choose which claim limit you would like to purchase. Remember, following a total loss you will receive a settlement from your motor insurer and GAP Insurance will cover the shortfall.

Is GAP Insurance available for both new and used cars?

Yes, but there are certain vehicle age restrictions for different GAP policies.

Is GAP Insurance transferable if I decide to sell my car?

If your GAP Insurance is a Purchase Price Protection or Lease policy the cover will end immediately when you sell or transfer ownership of your car. If you have Total Loss Top Up GAP we will allow for a transfer of vehicle provided you advise us first (this could affect your premium).

Who are the Insurers of GAP Insurance?

Our GAP Insurance policies are arranged via a panel of insurers all of whom are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Scheme and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What is a 'Total Loss'?

A 'Total Loss' (write-off) is where your motor insurer determines that the damage to your vehicle is such that it is beyond economical repair and as a result they make you an offer for the value of your vehicle and the salvage of your vehicle is forfeited to them.

My vehicle is on a lease or contract hire agreement why can't I choose Purchase Price Protection?

Under a lease or contract hire agreement you are not the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle. Therefore we cannot pay back to an invoice price of a vehicle that you do not own.